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Freeway Games Links

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Delphi/Game Programming

  • Borland, makers of not only Delphi, but other magnificent compilers.
  •, the premier Delphi gaming site.
  •, the largest gathering place of game developers on the Internet.
  • Project JEDI (Joint Endeavor of Delphi Innovators).
  • Silicon Commander Games, a software company that makes strategy games in Delphi.
  • Teen Programmers Unite, the gathering place for teenage programmers.
  • Cool Stuff on the 'Net

  • Adam Cadre, the most amazing person on Earth.
  • AdBusters, Canadian culture jammers.
  • BraveNet. They provide all the cool CGI you see on this site.
  • Cyberarmy, a bastion of supporters of Internet freedom and privacy.
  • The Dead Russian Composer Personality Test. If I were a dead Russian composer, I would be Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.
  • The Hun School Philosophy Club, the coolest Philosophy society in central New Jersey.
  • Sluggy, an extremely funny web comic. "Is it not nifty? Worship the comic!"
  • Tom the Dancing Bug, a satirical weekly comic strip full of highbrow humor.
  • Trillian, the ultimate instant messaging software. And it's free!
  • UserFriendly, a daily comic strip for people who like computers. A must-see if you like Linux.
  • You Will Survive Doomsday, the informative book by Bruce Beach about surviving nuclear war.
  • Micronations

  • Friends of Tuva, the central point for all things concerning this small autonomous region.
  • Sealand, the world's smallest country, located off the coast of Great Britain. The story of Sealand is a story of courage, of bravery, and of taking advantage of legal loopholes.
  • The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation, the place for information on oppressed countries and groups in the world.
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