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the newest product from Freeway Games

The year is 1950. You are the leader of a small, newly independent country. Will your nation rise to greatness in its own right? Or will your country buckle under the pressures of the Cold War? You will decide, as you plot both political and economic strategy in a dynamic turn-based environment.

Beta Release One (1.04 MB)
NOTE: The Colonia beta has been changed to a self-executable file. After extracting the contents, you will have to go to your temporary folder and run the InstallShield program.

Notes from the Programmer

Part I: The Economic Structure of Colonia

One major stumbling block in Colonia is the economic system. Obvivously, it has to be one of the major parts of the game, as exports are the major source of income for most nations. However, I am not really in the mood to code an extensive system of supply and demand.
I would like the end product to look and act a lot like the economy of Sid Meier's Colonization. What is Colonization, you ask? This single player turn-based strategy game puts you in the role of a colonial administrator during the period from 1492 to 1800, the "Age of Exploration," when European powers began to spread their influence and people throughtout the world, including the two continents which comprised the New World.
Anyway, the economy is one of the most realistic that I have ever seen. There are both raw materials and finished products that can be bought or sold (For example, Cotton can be processed into Cloth, Tobacco into Cigars, Tools into Muskets, etc.). If you unload too much of a cargo (like 600 tons of Rum), it floods the market, depressing the prices.
Of course, the game does have its flaws. Originally advertised as "the sequel to Civilization," many of the worst features of the original Civ show up. The battle system is quixotic at times, making the game's military aspect frustrating. The artificial intelligence alternately acts idiotic or just plain annoying.

Part II: The Political Process of Colonia

Another major part of Colonia will be attempting to keep political power. The various methods available to do so will range from the nefarious (ballot box stuffing, assassinations, etc.) to the mundane (tax cuts, for example). Since Colonia is about leading a country, and not about leading a political party, if you lose power, the game will end.
The result of all of this is that the selection of your political party is very important. If, for example, you are a Communist government in the 1960s, you will not have to worry about elections or other elements of the democratic process, but there is the possibility of the United States giving aid to rebels, placing down embargoes, and even invading. But then again, maybe the aid received by the Soviet Union is worth all of this trouble.

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