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What's New @ Freeway Games

August 13 2002

There were problems with downloading the Colonia beat. I decided to change it to a WinZip self-executable file.

July 9 2002

To date, nobody has played the Colonia beta. There have been minimal downloads. Thus, I have put the entire Colonia project on hold. This website will probably not been updated as often as I used to, either.
I do not have anything planned for the two year anniversary. I might change the site by making the entire thing HTML 4 compatible. I might have purge a lot of things from the site (including the Bravenet counter), so I do not know. Oh, well.

June 21 2002

I have added "Sluggy" to the Links page. I refuse to attempt to promote it. For months, several of my friends had independently attempted to get me addicted to this. It did not work. However, leave me alone in the same room with the comic...
However, the biggest part of this update is the pre-release version of Colonia. Download it. Enjoy it. Give me feedback about it.

June 17 2002

I completed an electronic registration program today. I am not sure about the beta. It will be finished soon, but maybe not by the 20th, as I had hoped. I'd like to include more features, but I do not know. Maybe I should call it an Alpha version.

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